IHSHL Illinois West Division Champions Named for Varsity & JV West Cup, Varsity Scholastic Cup & Varsity Founders Cup

By Brian Meek

Maine Captures Varsity West Cup in Thrilling Fashion

Maine Township captured the Illinois West Varsity West Cup after a thrilling 3-game series this past weekend. Number 2 seed Maine defeated number 1 seed Waubonsie in a great 3-game series. The road team won all three games with Maine defeating Waubonsie Friday night at All Seasons Ice Rinks with a 2–1 score. Waubonsie returned the favor on Saturday night on Maine’s home ice with a 3-2 victory to even the series. Sunday night was back again at All Seasons and saw the teams line up in a game 3 with the Cup on the line. A very well played and hard-fought game resulted in a Maine victory of 1-0. There were great crowds at each game from both teams. Good solid hockey from start to finish of the series was displayed by both teams. We are looking forward to watching both teams participate in the State Tournament. Maine hopes to make it to the United Center for the first time and Waubonsie hopes to repeat as State Champions. Hope to see you there!

Glenbard Captures Junior Varsity West Cup in 2 Games

Glenbard captured the Junior Varsity West Cup in a 2-game sweep of Oswego. Both were solid competitive games, but top seed Glenbard prevailed. Congratulations to both teams for making the finals and providing fans with good hockey to enjoy. Thanks teams and good luck in State.

Neuqua Valley Captures Varsity Scholastic Cup in 2 Games

Congratulations to both number 3 seed Neuqua Valley and number 4 seed Naperville Central for making the finals of the Illinois West Scholastic Cup bracket. Neuqua Valley prevailed in a 2-game sweep. Game 1 was extremely exciting with Naperville Central holding a 2–1 lead entering the last minute of play.  Neuqua scored with 10 seconds left in the game to force an overtime period of 3-on-3 hockey for 5 minutes.  About half way through OT, Neuqua found the back of the net for the unlikely win just 3 minutes before. Game 2 was close early with Neuqua pulling away late in the game for the win.

Lincoln Way Captures Varsity Founders Cup in 2 Games

Number 2 seed Lincoln Way and number 4 seed Sandburg competed for the Illinois West Varsity Founders Cup. Lincoln Way took the title in 2 games. Solid hockey from two young teams, both of whom expect to come back in 2020/2021 in very strong fashion. Both young teams are loaded with talent and have gained valuable experience from a year of Varsity hockey.  Keep an eye on both clubs in 2020/2021.

Illinois West has 2 brackets still in play with games this coming weekend: Scholastic Junior Varsity West Cup between Neuqua Valley and Maine with Maine leading 1 game to none and the West Junior Varsity Founders Cup between Waubonsie and Lincoln Way with the series tied 1-1.  Check the Illinois West website for times and locations.

Illinois West Announces Regular Season Awards for 2019 / 2020

Selections based on play during regular season

2019/2020 All Conference Players
Tony Campise – Waubonsie / Metea Valley Hockey
Carter Crokin – Neuqua Valley Hockey
Nolan Cummings – Waubonsie / Metea Valley Hockey
Ithan DeLorenzo – Naperville North Hockey
Jack Ferrino – Hinsdale Central Hockey
Zachary Laskowski – Hinsdale Central Hockey
Ryan Lilly – Wheaton West Hockey
Zachary Pearce – Waubonsie / Metea Valley Hockey
Marco Rovito – Neuqua Valley Hockey
Sam Ruffolo – Glenbard Hockey
Dylan Walker – Maine Township Hockey

Varsity Top Line Performers
Dan Boscarino – Naperville North Hockey
David Hauke – Wheaton West Hockey
Daniel Leger – Waubonsie / Metea Valley Hockey
Cain Mata – Glenbard Hockey
Mike McCormick – Hinsdale Central Hockey
Charles Rutherford – Maine Township Hockey

Junior Varsity Top Line Performers
Brandon Alesia – Oswego Hockey
Garrett Clamage – Waubonsie / Metea Valley Hockey
Keaton Crement – Naperville North Hockey
Alexander Hadesman – Hinsdale Central Hockey
Ethan Patti – Neuqua Valley Hockey
Thomas Rutherford – Maine Township Hockey

Varsity Goalie Most Shots Faced
Cameron Moore – Naperville Central Varsity

Junior Varsity Goalie Most Shots Faced
Christian Rorer – Sandburg Hockey Club

Junior Varsity Leading Scorer
Zachary Zuspann – Naperville North Hockey

Illinois West Community Service Award
William Delaney – Benet Hockey
Nick Fiflis – Hinsdale Central Hockey
Will Misicko – Hinsdale Central Hockey
Tyler Zuspann – Naperville North Hockey

Illinois West Leadership Award
Weston Ball – Hinsdale Central Hockey
Zachary Laskowski – Hinsdale Central Hockey
Oliver Lepinski – Lyons Township Hockey
Joey Vogdes – Lincoln-Way Hockey

Illinois West Scholastic Achievement Award
Nikolas Dimitriou – Hinsdale Central Hockey
Trent Kenyon – Waubonsie / Metea Valley Hockey
Jason Lange – Lincoln-Way Hockey
Kai Lidke – Oswego Hockey
Riley White – Lyons Township Hockey

Illinois West Humanitarian Award
Tyler Balamut – Benet Hockey
Owen Eldersveld – Wheaton West Hockey
Ethan Hoh – Glenbard Hockey
Jack Vanderpool – Wheaton West Hockey

Illinois West Sportsmanship Award
Jack Burriesci – Maine Township Hockey
Ty Casper – DuPage Hockey
Jacob Faruzzi – Lincoln-Way Hockey
Eric Gesior – Benet Hockey
Austin Kosowski – Benet Hockey
Will Trapp – Maine Township Hockey
Alex Wilder – Waubonsie / Metea Valley Hockey

Illinois West Volunteer Award
Mike Cipra – DuPage Hockey
Rachel Kenyon – Waubonsie / Metea Valley Hockey
Joe Kwiecinski – Sandburg Hockey
Nikki White – Lyons Township Hockey

Illinois West Coach Award for Teaching & Training Excellence
Rick Rooney – Benet Hockey

Illinois West Presidents Award
Brent Boscarino – Naperville North Hockey
Neal Lilly – Wheaton West Hockey

Illinois West Varsity Coach of the Year
Jason Hawkins – Glenbard Hockey

Illinois West Junior Varsity Coach of the Year
Joe Maselli – Hinsdale Central Hockey

Illinois West Volunteer of the Year
Valarie Conrad – Lyons Township Hockey

Illinois West Junior Varsity All Stars Announced

Illinois West has announced the Junior Varsity All Stars as selected by the coaches for each team. The Game will be played Friday, 2/28 at All Seasons. 8:30PM start. Come see the future Varsity top players.

Team Tokarz (Home)
Hadesman, Dan
Grundberg, Nick
Schult, Devin
White, Jack
Selvaggi, Marco
Orenstein, Ethan
Patti, Ethan
Romito, Rocco
Jury, Charlie
Sipowich, Ben
Turner, Jack
Landolli, Nico
Zuspann, Zac
Rang, Seth
Meske, Ryan
Murray, Tommy
Putis, Joseph
Maul, Andrew
Drew, Will
Storey, Carter

Crement, Keaton
Munao, John
Ball, Weston

Team Baily (Away)
Devine, Zach
Romberger, Sam
Rutherford, Thomas
Campbell, Brian
LaBarre, Nate
Pasdo, Dominic
LaBarre, Nate
MacDonald, Sean
Alesia, Brandon
Ayers, Luke
Gonzalez, Justion
Altekruse, Ian
Hawver, Mason
Clamage, Garrett
Llaneta, Josh
Llaneta, Tyler
Kline, Gavon
Lotito, Maul
McGuinness, Matty
Carroll, Jack

Rorer, Christian
Nigrelli, Joshua
Ithal, Tyler

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