Recapping our 5-part series: USA Hockey Insurance Coverage FAQs

By Don Allord, Central District Risk Manager

There are five areas of coverage: General Liability, Excess Accident, Catastrophic, Directors and Officers (D&O) and Crime Coverage. The details can be found on the USA Hockey website under MEMBERSHIP.

Let us look at some frequently asked questions.

What kind of coverage does USA Hockey offer me as an administrator? What about my board of directors?

Provided the local association follows the team and member registration procedures of USA Hockey and plays in sanctioned events, members are covered under the general liability coverage claims for bodily injury, property damage, and personal (liable, slander, defamation) injury. The same coverage protects the board of directors.

What if a registered coach is unable to attend or doesn’t show up for the game or practice?

The coach can make arrangements for an assistant coach or team manager (who is also registered) to be present.  If the intended person unexpectedly no shows, a “non-member volunteer” may step in and run the practice or coach the game. However, if the coach shows up during the game or practice, the volunteer must leave.

What about my legal fees?

If you are entitled to be defended by the insurance company, they will assign a lawyer to defend the case and will pay the legal fees. If you decide to retain your own attorney, those fees become your expense and will not be reimbursed.

What if someone sues my team or association?

If you are ever served or expect to be served, you must immediately notify your District Risk Manager.

What if I need a Certificate of Insurance? Are they hard to get? What is the cost?

There is no cost to get a Certificate of Insurance. You may request one from your District Risk Manager. Request for certificates can be processed quickly if all the information is provided. You can find forms on USA Hockey’s website under MEMBERSHIP-INSURANCE-CERTIFICATE OF INSURANCE-CENTRAL DISTRICT. If you are requesting to add a person, group or rink/facility as an “additionally insured”, you will have to submit a copy of your rink/facility contract/agreement.

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