Tier II: 16U/18U Third Choice Information

In Illinois, there is a Two Choice rule for Tier II team participation. Essentially, every player will have a total of two AHAI Affiliate Member Associations for which they can play for from 8U through 14U. Players that are 16U and 18U aged will be granted the option for a third choice. They will be allowed to play for a third Tier II Member Affiliate and they will not need to petition for a choice substitution when using their 16U/18U third choice. Any player using a Tier II choice, including a 16U/18U third choice, will be required to complete the online acknowledgement that they are aware that they are using a choice before they will be certified on the team’s roster. This acknowledgement will be automatically sent to the player at the email that was used when they registered with USA Hockey. It will be sent when the team has been registered with AHAI. Until the team has been registered, the player will not have the ability to acknowledge their choice. If the team has been registered, and the player has not received the email for acknowledgement from AHAI, please check the SPAM folder of the email address that was used when the player was registered with USA Hockey. If a player was granted a choice substitution at any time, that choice will be counted as one of their three choices and they will not be eligible for an automatic 16U/18U Third Choice. If you are unsure of your Tier II status and you do not know if you have used your choices, you can contact Laura Johnson, the AHAI Registrar at registrar@ahai2.org.

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