Team Registrations – Looking Ahead

By Laura Johnson, AHAI Registrar

Season Dates

Many have questions about the status of spring team registrations given the COVID-19 pandemic.

First and foremost, AHAI is complying with the restrictions put in place by the local and national governing bodies. Under no circumstances do we condone any type of team activities which defies government restrictions.

We are hopeful that we will all be back in the rinks soon. In anticipation of returning to playing hockey, it is helpful for you understand the season dates.

Spring and Summer Hockey Season

Spring/Summer hockey runs until August 31st. Should government restrictions be lifted allowing group activities prior to August 31st, rosters submitted that comply with the AHAI Spring/Summer registration rules will be certified. It is my intention to have 24-hour turn around for those rosters.

Fall Tryout Dates

Tier I

Tryout dates for Tier I have not been determined. The date has been pushed out until later in the summer and will be posted when confirmed.

Tier II

The tryout dates for Tier II teams for the fall season are found in AHAI Rule 8.3.5- Try-outs and team selection process for levels 8U through 14U may not begin more than eight (8) days prior to the date of the nationally recognized Labor Day holiday of the current playing season. The 2020 start date for tryouts for is August 30th.  Tryouts and team selections for levels 16 and 18 U may not begin prior to August 15th.

Tier III/ House League

The date for evaluations for House League teams is September 1st.

High School

The date Fall Season date for High School is found in AHAI Rule 1.7.1- The start of the High School season is equal to the start of the IHSA High School Fall sports season. This information can be found at . At this time, the date is set for August 10th.

If you have questions related to roster dates, please do not hesitate to contact me, Laura Johnson, AHAI Registrar,  at 224-636-3233 or

Please stay well, stay safe and stay home. Looking forward to the start of the season.


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