AHAI Announces New High School Rule

By Jack Weinberg, AHAI High School Committee Chair

Explanation of New High School Rule

To begin with there are a number of reasons the high school committee has been gravitating toward this change.

1) In order to have hockey work as a true varsity sport, it is essential that the development process is designed to promote the best players to the varsity level.

2) Allow, unlike Tier I or Tier II players, the chance to progress during the course of one season. Hard work, good attitude and performance earn an opportunity.

3) Remove the possibility (except in the case of a crisis) for a player to move down for the purpose of trying to improve the record of a JV or lower development team.

4) Provide experience for a player at a lower level gained by playing at a higher level in order to prepare them for the next season.

5) Provide players to fill holes on an upper team caused by illness or injury. 

Rule: Dual Rostered HS Players

High School Affiliate Organization teams may dual roster players on their teams within the same affiliate. A player may only dual roster up to a team one level higher.

For example, they may allow a player to be dual rostered between two teams by rostering a player from a team 1 (one) level below such as JV2 to JV1, or Varsity 2 to Varsity 1, or JV to Varsity. The player must carry the designation of their primary team. When placed on a second roster, they must carry the same primary team designation on the team to which they are dual rostered. The dual rostered players may play up in 9 league games on the non-primary team. Once they play in a tenth league game, it will lock that player to the non-primary roster for all games for the remainder of the season, including the State Tournament. The player’s designation does not change, and the player is not removed from the primary team. They remain a player on the primary team that is not locked to the non-primary team.

If a team plays in more than 1 league, the combined number of league games played count in the 9 allowed games before being locked to the upper team.

The lower team may not drop below the 14 player and 1 goalie minimum roster by reason of moving players up and being locked on the upper team. Games played by the upper team in violation of this rule will be forfeit and the player will be locked on the lower team.

It is recommended that if there are 2 goalies on the lower team, 1 goalie should be dual rostered on the next upper team. If there is only 1 goalie on a team, they may only be on the upper roster as a BUG.

No player may play down, exception by petition if there is a crisis as determined by the HS committee and the AHAI registrar.

Individual leagues may be more restrictive.

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