Certificates of Insurance and Insurance Coverages

Don Allord, Central District Risk Manager

Registered players, coaches, and volunteers are covered by USA Hockey insurance. Volunteer Boards can register on the USA Hockey website and will be covered under Directors and Officers.

USA Hockey provides General Liability; Excess Accident; Catastrophic; Directors and Officers and Crime coverages. The Insurance Handbook can be found on the USA Hockey website by clicking here. The accident form can be obtained from the AHAI registrar at registrar@ahai2.org.

USA Hockey also provides, at no cost, certificates of insurance that many rinks and venues require. Liability limits of $2.0MM or below can be issued as soon as the Certificate of Insurance (Central District) is completed and sent in. Any limit over $2.0MM must go through the insurance carrier and can take up to a week to complete as long as all the information requested is on the COI form. You may not think the amount of crime coverage for your organization is enough. You can increase coverage. Contact K and K Insurance online for additional coverage information.

There are 2 types of Certificates issued:

  1. Proof of insurance – This is issued when NOT requesting additionally insured coverage/language.
  2. Additionally Insured – If your venue contract requires to be named “additionally insured,” a copy of the contract you are signing or signed MUST BE INCLUDED with the request.

Coverage only exists for sanctioned USA Hockey events/games. Playing games with unregistered teams or in non-registered tournaments leaves you without any USA Hockey coverage.

COVID-19 INSURANCE UPDATE: COVID-19 and any illness are excluded from the USA Hockey insurance. The insurer will not pay claims or defense costs resulting from illness. Volunteer boards can refer to the Volunteer Protection Act of 1997 to determine if they need coverage. While the act protects volunteers from liability, it does not cover defense costs.

Don Allord
Central District Risk Manager

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