Multiple Roster Update Warning

As some hockey resumes to varying degrees across the country, it includes varying levels of play and opportunities. It has also created situations where there are teams looking to fill rosters for games and contacting AHAI rostered players to fill those spots for game(s). Players and families may be contacted by Tier I or II Youth or Girls organizations outside of IL asking to play in showcases, tournaments, or other forms of games. If the games are USA Hockey Sanctioned, they require USA Hockey Certified rosters including all participating players and coaches.

If any of the AHAI Rostered players participate in any sort of USAH Sanctioned game with an affiliate in another state, they jeopardize their status in Illinois/ AHAI. If they play with any other team on that team’s USAH certified roster, they may not return to their Illinois team.

To clarify the definition of a game, it is a contest between 2 separate rostered USAH teams that uses one or more officials, is played under USAH Rules and Regulations and a time clock is used regardless of the length of periods. This includes league, tournament, showcase, scrimmage, practice, “friendlies”. All USAH/AHAI Sanctioned games require both teams have an official USAH roster. If independent teams are formed to play in non-USA Hockey sanctioned events, AHAI has no governance in those situations and the statements below do not apply.

All AHAI Affiliates were notified 9/29/20 of the issue of AHAI rostered players being recruited to play on teams. They were instructed to notify their members of this issue at that time.

It is critical that our members are aware of this restriction If you are aware that one of your players participated with non-AHAI teams in USAH Sanctioned games inside or outside of Illinois, please contact AHAI through your AHAI Organizations registrar with the specifics. Any participation prior to 9/29/20 will receive an exception so as not to punish families that may have been told inaccurate information. Participation going forward as of 9/29/20, could result in your player being restricted from returning to your team for the remainder of the season.

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