Take Care Out There


Jack Weinberg, AHAI High School Committee Chairman

These are tough times out there and I feel badly for all the players that must bear the burden of this pandemic. I am aware that some teams are just practicing, and other teams are playing in some manner, mostly out of state. I wanted to take this opportunity to say, ‘stay safe’. When you decide to continue with hockey in whatever form it may take, you are taking on the responsibility for the safety of your teammates, schoolmates, and family.

On the ice the rules of behavior during play are always in place. We still receive game reports even if you are playing out of state. Injuring an opponent, verbally assaulting officials and fighting will be dealt with severely. Remember, if we are hoping to convince anyone that we can play the game safely in these extraordinary times, bad behavior works against our cause. Your adherence to health guidelines helps keep your families and all those around you out of peril. Gatherings with your friends without social distancing, indoors and without masks risks the spreading of this virus. Teams have had to shut down already due to COVID-19.

We all want to see our sport come back, but we want to see everyone alive and well when it happens. So please, be safe out there and remember each of us is responsible for those we come in contact with, on or off the ice and in or out of school.

I look forward to seeing all of you at the rink as soon as possible.

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