Important Declaration Reminder from AHAI Girls Chairman, Anita Lichterman

Reminder – the Coronavirus has had a tremendous impact on our hockey season, but we must still follow the rules regarding declarations. If you are a dual/double rostered player playing on a National Bound youth team and a girls’ team, you are required to declare for which team you will participate with during the State Tournament and beyond. This declaration must be submitted by December 31st to Tom Hansen, Central District Registrar, Laura Johnson, AHAI Registrar and Anita Lichterman, AHAI Girls’ Committee Chair. You may continue to complete the season with both teams, but only register with 1 team for the State Tournament and beyond. Please keep in mind that if the team you choose does NOT win the State Tournament you may not continue through State and to Nationals with the other team.

If you do not declare your choice, it will be made for you by Tom Hansen, Central District Registrar and based on which roster was submitted first for certification.

No final determination has yet been made for a State Tournament, but declarations must be submitted.

Stay safe, stay healthy & have a blessed Holiday!

Anita Lichterman
AHAI Girls Committee Chair

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