Update (Correction) Regarding USA Hockey Insurance Coverage

I have been getting questions from all over the District about insurance coverage as it relates to government or club-imposed restrictions. Teams are attempting to “get around” restrictions by their state government, affiliate, municipalities, and clubs because they think they will avoid getting in trouble. Some inventive ways are “controlled scrimmages or scrimmages” (not calling them “games”) with two different teams, no score sheets, officials not wearing their current crest, coaches officiating the scrimmage or controlled scrimmage. There is no Central District definition of a scrimmage or controlled scrimmage and in fact they may look like a game as defined in the Insurance Handbook. If it walks like a duck, quacks like a duck and looks like a duck, it is a duck.

It was previously believed that USAH insurance did not protect the players, coaches or if they were playing scrimmages or controlled scrimmages with two different teams/clubs. After meeting with the Risk Managers, USAH and the insurance carrier at our Winter Zoom Meeting, it was determined that the above situations are covered by USAH insurance (as stipulated in the Insurance Handbook).

USAH coverage includes: 1) Participant Accident (Excess) Coverage. This coverage may pay up to $50,000 for covered medical expenses incurred for medically necessary treatment required as a result of an accidental bodily injury. 2) General Liability coverage up to $2,000,000. This provides broad liability protection and defenses for all USAH members, teams, affiliated organizations, directors, officers and registered volunteers. 3) Catastrophic Injury insurance provides $2,000,000 insurance for seriously injured members.

USAH encourages teams to abide by government/club restrictions. However, in spite of any restriction, a game, players, coaches and fans are covered by USAH insurance as long as all the rules are followed, for example: HS v HS, Bantam v Bantam, players on an approved team roster, etc.

USAH G/L coverage is not available for COVID related claims or COVID claims against your D&O policy.

If you have any questions regarding coverage, please email or call me.

Don Allord
Central District Risk Manager

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