Strange Season’s End Draws Near

Jack A. Weinberg
AHAI Chairman – HS Committee & Suspension and Review Committee

This has been the most unusual and arguably worst season in anyone’s memory. Loved ones have been ill and some have died. Students have had no sense of normalcy in their lives and all of us have felt the sadness and desperation from the lack of contact with our friends and family. Hockey is usually the bright spot for all of us involved. We look forward to the fun and the competition with our friends and traditional rivals.

This period of time where the State has allowed us to have games should be a time of joy and gratefulness just to be playing. In my role as Chairman of the Suspension & Review Committee, I receive all the game reports where penalties more serious than the standard minors are tracked and if necessary intervention is administered. There has been a disturbing increase in the “injury potential” penalties. In addition, the penalties that denote a lack of respect for officials, other players, and the game itself are totally out of hand. The swearing at each other, racial slurs and the rest cannot continue.

Clubs, coaches and especially players and parents, stop and think about how much we all have waited for the opportunity to play this sport we love. Let’s not ruin it by bringing all the other frustrations in our life to the rink and taking them out on each other. Have respect for each other and yourselves and particularly the game. If the game is damaged severely by individuals and groups that believe that the rules don’t apply to them and their own agenda and anger take precedent over the good of all, we will have nothing to return to when this is all over.

I hope to be able to see you all soon at the rink!

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