Ask the Official: Face-off location after hand pass

By Dave Zednik, IHOA Registrar

QUESTION: An attacking player in the attacking zone bats the puck with his hand on net. After hitting the goalie, it drops to the crease and the goalie covers the puck. Where is the ensuing face-off location? Rule 621 for high-sticking brings the face off all the way down for this similar action but what about a hand pass?

ANSWER: In this situation, the face-off stays inside the attacking end-zone. The USAH Playing Rules do not prohibit batting the puck with your hand. You simply cannot bat it to a teammate. Since the potential hand-pass was never completed, there is no violation by the attacking team. The goalkeeper caused the stoppage of play by covering the puck, so the face-off stays inside his/her end zone.

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