Ask the Official: Competitive Contact in front of Net

By Dave Zednik, IHOA Rules & Ethics Chairman

QUESTION: I am a defensive player that is responsible for patrolling the front of my goal. What am I allowed and not allowed to do in playing the attacking player before the puck arrives?

ANSWER: Establishing a favorable body position is probably the key and this may involve considerable competitive contact, especially when the attacking player may be trying to establish the same advantageous body position. To do so, you can use size, strength and balance to lean on your opponent and put yourself in a better position. The stick, or forearm, can also be used to steer the opponent as long as the arm(s) are not extended. Finally, a stick lift or stick press is a good defensive play when the puck is in the vicinity.

What you can’t do is fairly clear. You cannot use a free arm to grab onto or impede your opponent. You cannot use the stick or arm(s) in an extended manner that “pushes off” the opponent and creates space between you. And, you cannot place your stick in an area that impedes the opponent’s ability to move in a desired direction.  

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