Ask the Official: Use of Stick to Check an Opponent’s Stick

By Dave Zednik, IHOA Rules & Ethics Chair

QUESTION: Just prior to the puck being received by an attacking player, the defensive player chops down on top of the stick and prevents them from being able to play the puck. Should this be penalized under the Standard of Play guidelines? Does it make any difference as to the angle of the stick blade when done? 

ANSWER: The use of the stick to check an opponent’s stick or press the opponent’s stick to the ice or the boards, is a good defensive play as long as it is done on the lower portion of the stick shaft and the intended purpose is to dislodge the puck or prevent the opponent from playing the puck. The angle of the stick blade (inverted or parallel to the ice), would not make a difference in this determination. However, any time this action is done higher up on the stick or clearly impedes the opponent with no reasonable effort to play the puck, a penalty for slashing, holding or hooking should be called.  

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