AHAI Advisory on COVID-19 and Youth Hockey

July 13, 2020 – Community knowledge surrounding COVID-19 is constantly developing and changing. Official reporting suggests circumstances will vary based on geographic region. Therefore, AHAI strongly encourages all participants in youth hockey to adhere to the Federal, Illinois Government, and any local government guidelines for best practices on COVID-19 health practices and prevention.

Each AHAI-affiliated association should have its own plan in place for returning players to the game. AHAI has no role in operating ice rinks or affiliate-associations. Government advice suggests rinks and associations should follow the guidelines set forth by the Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), the Illinois Department of Health and its Guidance for Social Distancing, as well as any local government directives in determining when, and how, it is appropriate to return to the rinks, including requirements or guidelines for physical distancing, size of gatherings or number of people permitted in a facility, or wearing masks, etc. AHAI has no role in determining such actions.

Currently there are no active Illinois USAH Certified Rosters in effect. This includes all team types- Youth, Girls, HS, Adult, Women’s, Special. This means that no AHAI-sanctioned events, which require a roster, can currently take place. Games of any sort, require an official USAH Roster. We are not issuing any rosters.

Please be aware that should your members/players elect to participate in events which are not sanctioned by USA Hockey or AHAI, such non-sanctioned events are operated entirely independent of USAH and AHAI. No AHAI affiliate, nor any director/officer/employee/agent of an AHAI affiliate may operate, advertise or participate in establishing any non-sanctioned event while acting in that affiliate-capacity. Therefore, anyone involved in non-sanctioned events is absolutely prohibited from using your AHAI Affiliate Identity in any way. For example, your affiliate name may not be used to advertise or register participants for such events; may not be used on standings; and may not be used on jerseys or other equipment. Violation of these prohibitions is a violation of AHAI rules and subjects the violator to Disciplinary Action under AHAI Rules Article 9.