Concussion FAQs


I have been reading about the concussion issue and am concerned.  We are shopping for a new helmet; does AHAI have any recommendations for a concussion preventing helmet?


Now there is a question that has been asked many times, and after consulting with AHAI concussion specialist, Dr. Beth Pieroth, of the NorthShore Medical Group…the plain and simple fact is that there has not been a helmet invented that can prevent a concussion!   

What about the newest helmets? Nope! Concussion is a function of force – velocity vs. stopping distance. Although you may not fracture a bone, a helmet cannot prevent the brain from slamming into the inside of the skull – hence a concussion. 

“The best equipment is of little use if not worn properly.”

Not even the best of helmets today can prevent that! Helmets and face masks, as required by USA Hockey and certified by HECC, can and do provide great protection for injury to the face and head – they just cannot protect the inside of the head – where your brain resides. A helmet is an essential piece of equipment that can provide great protection, but it must be worn correctly. If not worn correctly, the helmet can actually cause head or facial injury – if it not snug, if the straps are loose, the cage can come up during contact and split the chin, lips or knock out teeth, maybe even break a bone.  



Fitting Hockey Helmets
Fitting Hockey Helmets