June 6, 2016

QUESTION: I’m looking for a Level 4 Coaching Clinic to sign up for around the Illinois area; any information you could provide would be helpful.

ANSWER: Level 4 Clinics are only conducted by USA Hockey. In our district, Central, they are done by the USA Hockey Central District Coach-in-Chief. While we understand that Illinois will host a Level 4 clinic in 2016, a date has not yet been selected. As soon as a date has been chosen, notice will be posted on the AHAI website and in the AHAI newsletter, SNAPSHOT. The clinic will also be listed for registration on the USA Hockey website. Click HERE to use USA Hockey’s search engine to find all Level 4 Clinics listed in the country.

QUESTION: Can you please help me find out when my Level 2 CEP certification expires?

ANSWER: By clicking HERE any USA Hockey certified coach can look up their current CEP status on the USA Hockey website.  Enter your last name and click the search button. By entering ONLY your last name, you will access anyone in the USA Hockey CEP database with that last name. You will now see a listing of all these names and can select your name from that list. Simply place your mouse pointer over your last name and click. You will then get your complete current CEP records, including any Age Specific Modules that you have already taken. It will also show the expiration date of your current CEP Level.

Additionally, each club or organization Registrar will receive a weekly update of data for every coach in their club, noting each coach’s current CEP Level, Age Specific Modules, SafeSport Training and Screening.

QUESTION: I have received emails from AHAI that remind me that I have not yet taken a required Age Specific Module. I have since taken that missing Module, but I am still getting emails from AHAI telling me I will be suspended if I do not take it. What should I do?

ANSWER: The alerts that are being sent out are based on the most current information that we have received when each of the organizations have sent an update to the AHAI Webtool. If you have already taken an Age Specific Module, a CEP Clinic or done an online Level 3 Re-cert and you are still being notified by AHAI to do so, please ask your Club’s Registrar to do an update. For the information to get into our database and onto the roster, the local organization Registrar must go into their USAH Registry program and sync at least once, then they must send an update to the AHAI Webtool. This will get the information into our database and be reflected on the rosters.  If your Registrar is uncertain how to do this, please contact Laura Johnson, the AHAI Registrar for directions to do so. Laura’s email is: Registrar@ahai2.org.

QUESTION: My Level 3 is expired or expiring this December. What do I need to do?

ANSWER: You must complete the online Level 3 re-certification (Track 1 or Track 2) or attend a Level 4 clinic AND complete the online Age Specific Module for each age level you are coaching if not previously taken prior to December 31 of the current playing season. You can no longer attend another Level 3 clinic to recertify your Level 3 certification. Coaches of National Tournament Bound Tier I 14U, 16U, and 18/19U and Tier II 16U and 18/19U teams must complete Level 4 the first year they are able to do so. Mite (8 and Under) coaches may remain at their current level (even if it is expired) until they move to another age level of play. You can determine which recertification track by looking at your information on the online certification list. Click on your name and you will see your full information. If there is one Level 3, then you would complete Track 1. If there are two Level 3s, then you would complete Track 2. If there are three or more Level 3s, then you must attend a Level 4 clinic.

QUESTION: For the last two years now, my USAH CEP certification Level & my AHAI Screening show up incorrectly in my Registrar’s software. What gives?

ANSWER: This usually occurs when a coach uses a different version of their name when they register with USA Hockey. If you are registered with USA Hockey as “Mike Smith”, but have been screened as “Michael Smith II”, have your USA Hockey CEP Levels and Age Specific Modules done under “Michael E. Smith” and have taken the USA Hockey SafeSport Training as “Michael E. Smith Jr.”, there will be 4 separate files for you; none of which match each other. It is important that you use the same name (whatever version of your name you choose) consistently. This also holds true if a name is changed through marriage. That name change MUST be done by USA Hockey and the AHAI Registrar to ensure that the new name matches your old or previous certifications and/or screening.

QUESTION: I just completed my Level 3 AHAI CEP Clinic on Saturday. Today is Monday and it has not yet been updated in my USA Hockey CEP file on the USA Hockey website.

ANSWER: It will take from 7 to 10 days before the update will be visible on the USA Hockey CEP website database.

QUESTION: I took the Pee Wee Age Specific Module when they were first required several years ago. I then moved to coaching Bantams and took that Module. I will now be moving back to coaching Pee Wee; will I need to re-take the Pee Wee Specific Module?

ANSWER: Once you have taken any Age-Specific Module it does not need to be repeated.

QUESTION: I currently have a Level 3 coaching card that expired in 2013.  I did not renew/keep it current.  I am planning to get back into coaching again this year for a high school JV team.  Do I need to start over again at a Level 1 certification or can I go for a Level 3 renewal?

ANSWER: You do NOT need to start over at Level 1. I have checked your CEP file in the USA Hockey database and it shows that you have already recertified your Level 3 online twice. That is the limit allowed by USA Hockey for recertifying Level 3. You must now take a Level 4 clinic. Level 4’s are only conducted by USA Hockey. As AHAI is in the USA Hockey Central District, Level 4’s are conducted by the USA Hockey Central District Coach-in-Chief.  The Central District is comprised of 6 states, Illinois does not always host a Level 4. We are tentatively scheduled to host a Level 4 in September of 2014, but this has not yet been confirmed/finalized. We will post this information on the AHAI website just as soon as it is confirmed.

QUESTION: I registered for an AHAI CEP Clinic, but now due to a family emergency, I must transfer to another clinic date. How do I get this done?

ANSWER: The information is located on the USA Hockey website. Click HERE for instructions on how to transfer clinics or obtain a refund.

QUESTION: My current Level CEP certification will expire in December, and I still need to take a CEP Clinic but don’t see any in Illinois. What do I do?

ANSWER: AHAI has conducted 11 CEP Clinics in August, September and October with over 1500 seats available for Levels 1, 2 & 3. The 2013-14 AHAI CEP Clinic Schedule was concluded on October 27. Click HERE to use the USA Hockey search engine on the USA Hockey website to locate upcoming clinics in nearby states at the CEP Level that you need. Enter the Level you need and click the Search Button to list all of the remaining CEP Clinics in the country. Select the Level clinic that is most convenient to you and register.

QUESTION: I need to take a CEP Clinic to be certified for the 2013 – 14 season, but there are none listed on the website. Am I not looking in the right place?

ANSWER: AHAI traditionally publishes their Coaching Education Program (CEP) Clinic Schedule in late May, early June on the AHAI website. Registration for these clinics begin in mid-July on the USA Hockey website. The first clinic on the schedule is usually a Level 3 and is held in late August or early September.

QUESTION: I already have my Level 1 and I only coach Mites, am I required to take a Level 2 and then a Level 3?

ANSWER: If you have a Level 1 certification (even if it has expired) you are not required to take a Level 2 or Level 3 as long as you remain coaching only Mites.  This rule change was put in place by USAH last season.  Once you decide to coach at another age group: Squirt, Pee Wee, Bantam, Midget, you will be required to resume the normal CEP Level Progression to Level 2 then 3.

QUESTION: Last year I completed my Level 3 CEP Clinic and took the required Age Specific Module for the age level I coach – Pee Wee. I am moving up to coach these players this season at Bantam. What am I required to do to coach them at the Bantam Level?

ANSWER: Your Level 3 is good for two years, so you are okay with your Level 3 CEP certification – UNLESS the Bantam team you will be coaching is a Tier I or Tier II National Tournament bound team. If so, you must complete your Level 4 because you are in your 4th season of coaching.  Now that you have moved to a different age level team – Bantam, you will be required to take the Bantam Age Specific Module.

QUESTION: Last year I was coaching Pee Wee and took the Pee Wee Age Specific Module.  I will be coaching at the Pee Wee level again this year.  Do I have to take the Pee Wee Age Specific Module again?

 ANSWER: No, you do not.  Once a coach takes an Age Specific Module he/she never needs to take it again.

QUESTION: USA Hockey has informed me that my Level 3 will expire on December 31st and that I have already re-certified my Level 3 online twice and therefore not eligible to do so again. I must take a Level 4 clinic. I don’t see any Level 4 clinics scheduled in Illinois before December 31st.

ANSWER: Level 4 CEP Clinics are only conducted by the USA Hockey District Coach-in-Chief. Illinois is in the Central District of USA Hockey.  With 6 states in this District, Illinois usually gets a Level 4 clinic every other year. As Illinois hosted a Level 4 in November of 2012, we are not scheduled to host again until the Fall of 2014. The Level 4 CEP clinic is a 2 to 3 day program scheduled on a weekend. Click HERE to look on the USA Hockey website; use the Search Engine tool to locate any Level 4 clinics remaining on the schedule.