Coaching Education Program Update (6/29/20)

USA Hockey extends deadline to apply for 2020-21 COVID-19 Temporary Coaching Card

By Jim Clare, AHAI Coach-In-Chief

As has been mentioned many times, we are dealing with some new and challenging scenarios in our lives and in the hockey world. To help our coaches navigate the CEP process, USA Hockey has restructured their coaching certification requirements for the 2020-2021 season.

As of today, USA Hockey will not allow us to post onsite clinics, all clinics are being held virtually. For Illinois, this does not pose a huge issue as we typically start our CEP clinic season in early September. We have secured dates for those clinics. Depending on the Restore Illinois Plan, as it stands right now, we should be able to conduct some clinics in-person. However, this should not stop any coach from achieving their next level of certification by attending a virtual clinic. Districts are running most of these clinics with the help of USA Hockey. They are posted at You can attend any clinic across the country that has space.

In regards to the temporary coaching cards, which will extend your current certification for the 2020-21 season without having to attend a clinic, we are pleased to announce that USA Hockey is extending the deadline until July 31, 2020. Please click here to register for the temporary card online or download the form that you will need to complete and submit to the USA Hockey national office. If you apply for a temporary card but still want to advance your certification level (which you will need to do at some point), you can attend a virtual or in-person clinic this year free of charge.

The bottom line is that a temporary card is good, but there will still be a requirement to advance your level 1, 2, or 3 next year. Why not get it done this season virtually or in-person and stay on track? Any questions, reach out to me at