Fury Girls Launch Innovative Leadership Program

Fury Girls Leadership Program taps into women’s hockey powerhouses, Cammi Granato, Kendall Coyne, Lauren Wiedmeier and Kelly Keogh

As a former player for Wisconsin University and a sibling in the legendary Granato hockey family no one knows better than Rob Granato the meaning of the phrase “Hockey is Life”. As such, Coach Granato is the architect of a leadership program for his players offering more than advice on the game of hockey.

The innovative program is called the Fury Girls Leadership Circle. The multi-faceted goal of the Circle is to provide Fury Girls access to positive role models facilitating meaningful discussion and activities to inspire, empower, teach, motivate and educate. This is no ordinary collection of women – this is an All-Star line-up striving to teach the life lessons of the game we all love.

Introducing the Fury Girls Leadership Circle

Cammi Granato – Captain Fury Girls Leadership Council, Olympic Gold & Silver Medalist, Hockey Hall of Fame Member

Kendall Coyne – Olympic Gold and Olympic Silver Medalist

Lauren Wiedmeier – Human Resources Executive Los Angeles Rams, 6 years with LA Kings, Former Player St. Thomas Aquinas Raider and Boston College Eagle

Kelly Keogh – NHL New York Islanders, Public Relations Executive

Recognizing the opportunity to make a positive impact Coach Granato’s Leadership Circle is tasked with mentoring your daughter and his players in the following ways:

  • Help players navigate life and its challenges; foster self-confidence and self-esteem.
  • Help your daughter realize her potential
  • Help players address issues that they face everyday
  • Encourage players to make a difference on their team, in their schools and in their communities by fostering respect, independence, mutual understanding, and build strong friendships and long lasting relationships.
  • Help prepare your daughter for the life challenges of middle school, high school, college and beyond.
  • Provide a safe non-judgmental and caring environment that sparks imagination and creativity, and promotes honesty, integrity and community.

To learn more about this unique program and Fury Girls Hockey email Coach Granato at – chicagofurygirls@gmail.com.

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