Notice to ALL Organizations & Teams Participating in the Illinois State Hockey Tournament



AHAI has sent many communications to your organizations and your coaches and managers regarding the USA Hockey and AHAI credential requirements. These requirements will be enforced for all staff members to be eligible to participate in the state tournament.

These credentials will be verified by the State Tournament Host Site Coordinators during team check in. Any team members that are not compliant with the required credentials will not be allowed to participate with their team.

Each participating team needs to determine the status of every staff member on their teams, and understand the importance of resolving any non-compliance issues before they arrive at the host site location to play their game. Each non-compliant team member from all the participating teams need to know what documentation will be required at check in should the AHAI database not reflect the most current status of a staff member. They also need to understand that if they do not have the required credentials, they will not be allowed to participate with the team.


*********Your Registrars need to update their USAH Registry Program and in turn send that updated information to the AHAI Webtool. ONLY YOUR REGISTRAR CAN COMPLETE THIS TASK. They are aware of how to do this. If they do not know how, have them contact Laura Johnson immediately. ( *********

The information in the AHAI database is as accurate as the last time that your organization updated the information from USA Hockey Registry and in turn sent that update to the AHAI Webtool. This is done by your registrar. Registrars and Presidents have been notified of the importance of keeping this information updated on a regular basis.

Each team manager has the ability to verify the status of their team by logging onto their team site and clicking on the neon green state tournament link. If there are any restricted staff (staff that have not met the credential requirements) they will appear on the list. They will also have a red line through their name on the certified roster.

Screening- Members that have a red dot under SCRN indicates that they are not compliant with the screening requirement.

A red dot under SCR indicates that our database shows that the staff member has not been screened by the AHAI approved vendor. Only screenings from the AHAI approved vendor are accepted. If one of your staff is on the list as not being screened and they believe that this is an error, they need to contact Paul Jakubowski at .  If they have been recently screened, they will need to bring their pink copy of the AHAI Screening Program Receipt from when they were screened with them to check in. If they do not have the receipt they will not be allowed to participate with the team.

If the member has not been screened, or does not have their screening receipt they may not participate with the team. If they are a coach, they may not be on the bench. If they are a manager, they may not be involved in any off ice activities with the team.

Coaching Certification– Members that have a red dot for Coaching (Exp’d) indicates that they are not compliant with the coaching credential requirement.

This refers to the USAH Coaching Education Program (CEP) Levels of certification (Level 1, 2, 3, 4 or 5). If a coach is on the Team Staff Restriction List with a red dot under EXP’D, our records indicate that they do not have a valid coaching certification. They will be required to provide additional documentation to be allowed on the bench for their state games. They may have been issued a Temporary Coaching Card from USA Hockey or received an email from Paul Jakubowski granting them temporary coaching privileges. Coaches that have been granted temporary credentials must bring documentation with them to their games. AHAI has a list of the coaches that were issued temporary status. The Host Site Tournament Coordinators has a list of those coaches that have been issued temporary cards/privileges, but we do not recommend that you wait until check-in to confirm if a coach is on the list. If your coach is identified on your site as not meeting the requirements for coach certification or if their card is expired, they will not be allowed on the bench unless they can provide documentation of a valid certification or a temporary approval from USAH or AHAI. Please note that this requirement is different than the requirement for Age Specific Modules.

Safe Sport– Members that have a red dot for Safe Sport indicates that they are not compliant with the requirement for completing the on line program. If they recently completed the Safe Sport program and it is not reflected in the USAH Registry program, they must bring with them the certification of completion that is issued by USA Hockey upon completion.

Age Specific Modules– Members that have a red dot for Module indicates that they are not complaint with the requirement for the age specific coaching module.

The last column, “missing”, indicates the specific module that is required but not completed. If the coach has completed the module, and our database does not reflect this, the coach needs to have a certificate that looks like this:

CEP Card

The certificate must be for the level of the team which they are coaching. A copy of this certificate must be presented to the Host Site Coordinator at the time of check in.

If they have not completed the Age Specific Module, or they do not have a copy of the certificate, they will not be allowed to be on the bench.

Again, to avoid problems at the host locations it is critical that:

  • Your registrar updates the CEP/Personnel information in the USA Hockey Registry program and then sends an update to the AHAI Webtool.
  • Your teams check ASAP the status of their coaches and managers to determine if there are any non- compliant members

If you have questions about a member of your organization’s credentials please contact Laura Johnson at