Rules & Ethics FAQs

September 29, 2015

QUESTION: AHAI’s new Parent/Spectator Suspension Rule states that “any spectator asked to leave a rink by an official or by the rink personnel will automatically miss a minimum of 3 games.” Would the 3 games mean the current game the spectator was asked to leave or the next three full games?

ANSWER: To clarify this issue for you, any person removed from a game will be suspended for the remainder of that game and the next 3 games, constituting a 3 game suspension. It does not matter when the spectator is thrown out – first minute or last – it is the remainder of that game plus 3 additional games.

QUESTION: What is the difference is between the Rules and Ethics Committee and the Suspension Review Committee?

ANSWER: The Rules and Ethics Committee, or R&E as it is known, handle “off-ice issues”, while the Suspension Review Committee handles “on-ice issues”.

Rules and Ethics’ off-ice issues are usually about the protection of our players, officials, coaches and fans. They are generally administrative issues, for example, coaches or clubs not following rules, roster eligibility or Zero Tolerance issues (fans or parents that do not behave themselves). In the end R&E is trying to get people to behave themselves in an appropriate and responsible manner. You can read more in our USA Hockey SafeSport manual.

Suspension Review Committee or SRC deals with on-ice issues of the players, coaches and officials; specifically the protection of our players. The objective is to correct the behavior of players, coaches and officials during games and ensure proper enforcement of USA Hockey and AHAI rules that will protect other players from the dangerous actions of a few that may cause injury to another player.


Editor’s Note: Readers may email any questions to Ask AHAI  to be answered in future issues.